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Extra virgin olive oil

Selection of the best varieties of Apulian olives, from early October to early December. Manual or mechanical haversting method. Intense herbaceous fruity, ample and enveloping. It is rich in vegetable scents.

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Bottiglia Ninetta


Primitivo di Gioia del Colle

Selection of the grapes in the vineyard during harvest in crates of 15kg. The grapes are cooled to 4°C for 24 hours. Fermentation in 1.000L wooden casks. The cap is very gently submerged by hand during fermentation. Total period of fermentation and maceration is 26 to 34 days. Only free run wine is used. Barrel aging for 18 months in carefully selected new French oak barrels of 225L.

cantine marzodd

Our Story

Cantine Marzodd a family winery

The Marzodd farm is synonymous of innovation on international scale for the production, packaging and advertising of the “made in Puglia”.

The core element for success is the lucky location in the heart of Puglia, on gentle hills characterized by climatic conditions excellent for the growth of Marzodd products.

Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, fine wines that holds in the oenological knowledge and flavors of our land; becoming the trait d’union of the well known Mediterranean cuisine.

The basis of the entire production process is represented by the direct and indirect collaboration with highly specialized professional figures, carefully recluted for their high knowledge on these productions and for the ethical nature of their work. Meticulous selection work allows the creation of small but precious art works of the “Made in Puglia”, with the aim to satisfy the requirements of any particular markets and also individual customers needs.

Current release

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.

wine ninetta
Ninetta puglia wine

Cantine Marzodd

Ninetta Primitivo di Gioia del Colle

  • Primitivo di Gioia del Colle


Extra Virgin olive Oil

  • Apulia
  • Best varieties of Apulian olives
  • AIPO certified cold extraction with millstones
extra virgin olive oil
Puglia wine

Cantine Marzodd

Our Project

Cantine Marzodd is a project in which we explore the vineyards of Puglia, using the local varieties.

Cantine Marzodd

Vitigno primitivo

Primitivo ( also known as zinfandel) is a variety of black skinned wine grape. DNA analysis has realed that it is genetically equivalent grow in apulia ( the heel of italy) where it was introduced in the 18th century.

Puglia Wine

Cantine Marzodd

Visit to the winery

Cantine Marzodd is an “open winery” that welcomes guests every day of the year with guided tours and tastings.

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